Ganoderma Will Save Us from COVID-19

It has not been a year since COVID-19 hit the world with tremendous force, changing all our lives drastically. However, this is not the end of the pandemic—our efforts to coexist with such a fatal virus have only just begun. In light of this, there are some questions that we should seriously consider: How are we going to survive while COVID-19 is taking over the world at such a rapid pace? What actions should we take to enhance our immune systems? And how can we avoid catching the virus?

Author/ Ruey-Shyang Hseu Ph.D. (許瑞祥)
Translator/ Yun-Shiuan Hsu (許芸瑄), Manen Fong(方安立)
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The Unexpectedly Swift Spread of the Virus

The rapid spread of the virus came as a shock to all of us. In contrast to other countries, Britain’s initial approach relied on “herd immunity,” resting on the theory that through the spread of the virus, people would develop antibodies and become immunized against reinfection. However, the virus has several mutant variants and is highly contagious, which has caused tens of thousands of Britons to end up in the ICU. Even after treatment and recovery, there remain side effects that will never fully heal.

Even so, many people still pin their hopes on the development of the vaccine and specific treatment targeted to cure COVID-19. But as we know, vaccines or treatments will likely to take at least two years to be fully developed and even after completion, might only serve as relievers, a way to prolong life a bit longer, or as an immune booster to overcome the disease. None of these methods are likely to help fully eradicate the disease or prevent the spread of the virus.

The coronavirus has many mutant variants, which will each require their own vaccines or treatments. Therefore, fully eradicating the virus will be a time-consuming process involving the development of a specific vaccine or treatment for each strain. Furthermore, the possibility of these vaccines or treatments being affordable and accessible to the general public is remote. Thus, neither vaccines nor treatments are the most efficient and economical path to save ourselves from COVID-19. So what actions should we take?


The Answer to Combat COVID-19? Ganoderma.

For now, the precautions that most countries are taking is to highlight the importance of wearing masks in public, hand sanitizing, and social distancing. Obviously, these precautions are NOT ENOUGH! There is always the possibility of catching the virus, and there is no way to avoid it. However, there is a better way than “herd immunity” to prevent contracting the coronavirus: we can enhance our immune systems.

Research has shown that children and teenagers are less likely to contract the virus than adults because they have stronger immune systems. Therefore, the question becomes, “How can we enhance our immune systems?” Over the years, Scientists have conducted various tests and studies on Ganoderma. Throughout the research, the teams have realized that Ganoderma can help boost one’s immune system. According to statistics, Ganoderma can enhance phagocytes and natural killer cells, which are cells that protect from viruses and keep the immune system in balance. However, Ganoderma’s boost to the immune system is not a sprint, but a marathon. The effects of Ganoderma will only show when the consumer has taken it for a long period of time. These results have been shown in several experiments in both mice and humans.


Since the late 1990’s, scientists have discovered that Ganoderma can speed up the maturation of dendritic cells, regulate the differentiation of T cells, stimulate B cells to produce antibodies, boost the differentiation of macrophages, increase the activeness of natural killer cells, and so on. All the effects above are related to the regulation of the immune system.



As we have entered the age of molecular cell biology in the 21st century, research on Ganoderma’s influence on cell regulation has exploded. The current consensus is that Ganoderma can regulate the signal transduction within cells through the TLR-4, MR, and Dectin-1 pathways to enhance the immune system and suppresses inflammation.(Picture source: Zhibin Lin, Baoxue Yang. Ganoderma and Health: Pharamcology and Clinical Application.


The Long War Against Coronavirus

More and more reports today have proven that COVID- 19 is as contagious as the flu. Furthermore, the virus can be transmitted through airborne infection and often strikes when one’s immune system is weak. With such a high risk, someone infected with the virus will be in a long tug of war with their own immune system. The only thing we can do to protect ourselves from such a lethal virus is to strengthen our immune systems beforehand. As mentioned above, Ganoderma is the answer to combat COVID-19. it is the most economical and easy way to build up our immune system to keep ourselves out of harm's way. Let’s start now with finding the “right” Ganoderma to fend the virus off.